The Challenge

In March 2014 Welland Pre-school contacted me when staffing changes resulted in a loss of access to the existing website. Initially they were hoping that I could offer them advice and training to continue using the existing site, but it quickly became evident that the website was outdated and overly complex to maintain.

They were also paying extremely high hosting costs. This is a common situation for many organisations with basic technical knowledge and legacy websites. Hosting prices have reduced significantly in recent years and the expansion of WYSIWYG web design systems has reduced the need for old-style coded sites.

We agreed to explore options for a fresher, easier to use website that wouldn’t break the bank.

The Solution

The emphasis for the Welland Pre-School website was on ease of use. Ease for both the visitors and the team updating it.

To keep costs to a minimum we decided to develop the website using an ‘off the shelf’ WordPress theme. After meeting with the admin team I was able to put together a list of proposed ‘themes’ for them to choose from.

Once a theme had been selected I set about tweaking it so that it would work for them. This included behind-the-scenes code changes as well as some graphic editing. But the end result was a bright and simple website that would convey their news and information clearly.

I later implemented a gallery system and also ensured that images and text cannot be easily copied from the site.

The team have been running the website without problem since.


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