The Challenge

Design and create a quarterly newsletter that can be offered in the salon and electronically on the website or via email.

The primary focus should be on organic hair, beauty and cosmetics and more generally organic living. The aim of the newsletter is to inform and entertain existing and future clients.



The Solution

Now in it’s third year the newsletter has been well received by both visitors to the salon and those who read it on-line.

The newsletters are double sided and printed on light-weight card to give them strength to stand up to regular handling in the salon where it is available on coffee tables and stands.

Each issue has it’s own colour pallet to reflect the season this remained the same for 2014 and 2015 and has been refreshed for 2016, calling on seasonal colours in line with current trends.

The nature of the business dictates the sections which include hair (cut, colour, style), beauty treatments, cosmetics and healthy eating. The content aims to entertain and inform readers by making them aware of current trends, offers and industry news as well as providing hints and tips, product advice and business updates.

Content is provided by pHd and edited and/or supplemented by me. I work closely with the team to ensure that we have copy that will interest and inspire their clients whilst covering all aspects of their business.


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